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Concrete Pumping

We are proud to be Plymouth’s only concrete pumping company. We see it only natural to offer both ready mixed concrete supply and concrete pumping. With these two services running alongside and in harmony with each other we know we can offer fantastic service, flexibility and value to the customer.


Concrete Pumping

Simply, for projects where the concrete needs to go where a concrete mixer cannot reach concrete pumping is an easy, quick and often more cost effective alternative to wheel barrowing, hiring dumper trucks or cranes. On many occasions concrete pumping is the only way of overcoming the problem of getting the concrete from A to B. Our concrete pumping service caters for all customers and all types of projects. From domestic short distances to save wheel barrowing right through to large commercial floor slabs and everything in between.

We can pump concrete over, under and around obstacles. Through buildings and up to a distance of 150 metres away from where a concrete mixer can park. Our pumps are built by Schwing, one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of pumping equipment in the world, offering outstanding reliability and quality.

A member of our team carries out a site survey for every pump job before order to inspect the site for access and to be able to provide the most accurate quotation.

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Concrete Boom Pump

Our Schwing 24 metre boom pump is perfect for medium to high volume concrete pours that require overhead placement of concrete. Ideal for multiple footings or floor slabs its a very labour free way of placing the concrete exactly where you want it.

The boom pump can pump up to 90 cubic metres of concrete per hour.

The pump also has the capability to overcome more tricky problems such as concrete needing to be placed at a high level.


Concrete Line Pump

The Schwing line pump is our faithful little workhorse. A fantastic pump that can overcome almost any problem and far too many to list. The range of projects that this little pump can complete is endless. Being just over a car width wide it can squeeze on the tightest of sites.

The floor level pipes can pump concrete up or downhill. Turn multiple corners and elevation changes. All while pumping up to a distance of 150 metres away from where the truck can park.

But our customers just dont use this pump for awkward jobs or for pumping long distances. Increasingly our customers are choosing to use this pump for jobs where they would normally have a few people to wheelbarrow the concrete over a short distance. As our pump comes manned with 2 men there is very little for the customer to do apart pretty much pointing out to our men where they would like the concrete and to what level. Then all there is for the customer to do is to get a final level and finish. This saves on having to draft labour in for a day just to manage the concrete delivery. Its quick, easy and hassle free!

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